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Urban Renewal Area Formation in Beaverton, Oregon

Beaverton ura

ECONorthwest helped establish an urban renewal area in Central Beaverton.

The Challenge

The City of Beaverton has long identified Central Beaverton as a top priority for revitalization. Decades of studies and plans have sought to improve the climate for private sector investment in the area, recognizing the need to improve pedestrian access, reduce traffic congestion, create jobs, increase housing opportunities, and support redevelopment projects. Previous studies, however, lacked funding mechanisms. 

Beaverton realized it needed an urban renewal plan, a tool to help overcome redevelopment barriers, catalyze job growth, improve mobility, and encourage private sector investment. In Beaverton, urban renewal plans must be approved by voters, and the last time that the city had approved an urban renewal district was in 1972. Recognizing their need for assistance, Beaverton chose ECONorthwest to lead the process of establishing an urban renewal area.

The Results

Working with Technical Advisory and Community Advisory Committees, ECONorthwest evaluated potential redevelopment and infrastructure improvement projects, estimated tax increment finance revenues, and developed plan goals and objectives. ECONorthwest also wrote the urban renewal plan that establishes the framework necessary to carry out urban renewal projects in the Central Beaverton area. The plan defines a boundary for the new urban renewal area, establishes maximum indebtedness, and contains guiding goals and objectives for implementation.

ECONorthwest and its team members worked extensively with overlapping tax districts to ensure their support for the urban renewal area. Ultimately, Washington County, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, and the Beaverton School District all supported the urban renewal plan.

Beaverton voters adopted the plan in November 2011. It is now guiding redevelopment efforts.

In the Press

Beaverton voters approve urban renewal to spur downtown redevelopment 
The Oregonian. November 8, 2011. Dominique Fong.  

ECONorthwest could head Beaverton's urban renewal efforts  
The Oregonian. April 20, 2010. Brad Schmidt.

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