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Austin south central waterfront

Austin, Texas South Central Waterfront Initiative Project

Austin Texas adopts Vision Framework Plan to redevelop the South Central Waterfront

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ECONorthwest and Urban Land Institute Release Inclusionary Zoning Study

ECONorthwest teamed with the Urban Land Institute’s Terwilliger Center for Housing to produce this wide-ranging examination of the optimal uses for inclusionary zoning.

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Macmullan  portrait

Salus Resilience Teaming Partnership

Ed MacMullan teams with Hart Crowser, WRK Engineers, and Jay Raskin Architect to provide resiliency consulting services.

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Socioeconomic Analysis of the Keystone XL Pipeline

On August 3rd, ECO's Kevin E. Cahill testified in South Dakota about the shortcomings of the socioeconomic analysis performed for the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Recreation Spending & BLM Sagebrush Lands (Updated)

New report by ECONorthwest, funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, calculates the economic value of sagebrush habitat in 11 Western states. This study informs the conversation between energy development and conservation.

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Can a Workplace Flexibility Arrangement Impact Retirement Expectations?

The strains of our aging society imply that most older Americans will need to continue working later in life to stave off financial insecurity in old age. Can a flexible work arrangement help make this happen?

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Did the Great Recession Impact Retirement Patterns?

The leading edge of the Baby Boomers reached traditional retirement ages at the height of the Great Recession and its aftermath. Not only did the Early Boomers face a very different set of macroeconomic conditions than prior cohorts did, but they were also more exposed to market forces as a result of a decades-long shift away from defined-benefit pension plans to defined-contribution plans, like 401(k)s. To what extent did these changes alter their retirement patterns?

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Seattle Skyline

Creating Affordable Housing in Seattle

Housing developers unveil a challenge to build 50,000 new housing units in Seattle in 10 years -- 20,000 of them earmarked for affordable housing. Some say this is impossible. Some say this won't curb soaring housing costs in the Emerald City. What do you think?

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Drivers of Change in Transportation

The dilemma for planners — technological, economic, political, and environmental conditions are changing at increasingly rapid rates, while sustainability planning looks out farther into an increasingly unpredictable future. What does this mean for transportation planning?

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Final housing infographic

Housing Preferences in the Portland Metro Area

Where do people really want to live?

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