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The work we do for our clients is frequently made available to the public. We often present our findings and insights on current economic topics at professional conferences and in public forums. Here you can download recent and archived reports, presentations, and other publications. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send us an email or give us a call.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Issues in Using the ATUS to Value Household Production »

Dr. Kevin E. Cahill discusses the implications of the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) data and its limitations.

Is Bridge Job Activity Overstated? »

Dr. Kevin E. Cahill investigates the extent to which bridge jobs signal the start of a retirement transition.

The Economic Opportunities Associated with Older Adults »

ECONorthwest and AARP ECONorthwest teamed with AARP Oregon to present the economic opportunities associated with older adults.

Impacts of a Randomly-Assigned Time & Place Management Initiative on Work & Retirement Expectations »

Dr. Kevin Cahill examines the causal relationship between a workplace flexibility arrangement and retirement expectations.

A Balanced Look at Self-Employment Transitions Later in Life »

Dr. Kevin Cahill discusses some of the policy issues surrounding transitions into self-employment later in life.

How Might the Affordable Care Act Impact Retirement Patterns? »

Dr. Kevin Cahill explains the changing retirement landscape with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Notable Publications

Economic Contributions of Indian Gaming in Oregon »

A market and economic impact analysis of the contributions of Indian gaming to Oregon’s economy.

The Economics of Low-Impact Development: A Literature Review »

ECONorthwest summarizes the literature that identifies and measures the economic costs and benefits of low-impact development techniques.

The Economic Impacts of Facebook's Data Center »

ECONorthwest releases a study of the economic and fiscal impacts resulting from Facebook's Prineville data center.

Issue Brief: Is Boise Over- Or Underperforming Economically? »

ECONorthwest rates the economic performance of Boise, Idaho by comparing it to some of its economic peers.

Portland Meadows, County Fair Meets and the Horse Racing Industry in Oregon »

The economic significance of the Portland Meadows racetrack and other horse racing activities in Oregon that depend on it.

User and Non-User Benefit Analysis for Highways, 3rd Edition »

ECONorthwest-developed manual to support economic analysis of highways.

Oregon Cannabis Tax Revenue Estimate »

ECONorthwest conducted a comprehensive analysis that estimates first year of sales would generate $38.5 million in tax revenue.

Why Being In School Matters: Chronic Absenteeism in Oregon Public Schools »

ECONorthwest examines the effects of absenteeism on academic performance in Oregon public schools.

The Hispanic-White Achievement Gap in Oregon »

An analysis of the differences in reading and math achievement scores for Oregon's Hispanic and white students over time.

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