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Impacts of Channel Deepening on the Columbia River

Channel deepening report final

An impact analysis of the 2010 Columbia River channel deepening on port and terminal investments.


Jun 19, 2015

Written by:

Ed MacMullan
Lisa Rau


Port of Portland

Since the deepening of the Columbia River shipping channel in 2010, a floodgate of investments has poured into various terminals and ports along its riverbanks. The increasing size and capacity of vessels, the widening and deepening of the Panama Canal, and the increasing competition amongst ports and terminals are key drivers in the deepening of shipping channels across the world.

Our report assesses the multitude of investments made along the Columbia River as a result of the key shipping industry developments taking place. We find that without this channel deepening, there would be a lack of investments, reduction in economic activity, and an impact on jobs. Thus, the channel deepening was necessary to ensure the continued growth in cargo movement and other related economic activity.

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