Featured Consultant  pfs9636 John Tapogna

John specializes in education, social and fiscal policy.


Methods and Tools Disability Benefits Calculator

ECONorthwest develops interactive, web-based tools that help people understand their eligibility for benefits programs.

Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Child Support Enforcement


ECONorthwest offers both policy and program expertise for state, local, and federal child support agencies.

How ECONorthwest Can Help

ECONorthwest has a national reputation for rigorous evaluation of child support demonstration projects. We have assisted child support agencies in designing and evaluating programs to:

  • Strengthen medical support enforcement.
  • Help establish paternity.
  • Create fatherhood programs.
  • Establish and strengthen connections to other agencies and providers.

In addition, we have analyzed the effects of federal and state child support funding and expenditure levels. Many of these projects fall under the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement’s (OCSE) Section 1115 grant program.

Interested in learning more about how ECONorthwest can help you with your next project? Our toolbox is full and our staff enjoy meeting new challenges.

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