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John specializes in education, social and fiscal policy.


Methods and Tools Macroeconomic Forecasting & Modeling

ECONorthwest builds and operates local, regional, and national macroeconomic models.

Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Economic Impact Analysis

ECONorthwest has extensive capabilities estimating the economic and fiscal impacts of a wide range of projects.

Tax & Budget Policy

Tax and budget

ECONorthwest understands that today's fiscal crises require bold new ways to think about taxes and budgets.

Government spending and private income are highly correlated--they tend to expand and shrink together. State and local governments face increasingly complex tax and budget challenges. A slow recovery from a severe financial crisis means total personal income available for taxation will not keep up with the rising costs of core public services such as corrections, healthcare (including Medicaid), and pensions for public employees.

How ECONorthwest Can Help

The best way to increase state and local revenues is to improve the economic performance of businesses and the economic well being of the population. ECONorthwest helps governments think about ways to grow personal income, adjust taxes and fees to provide more stable revenues and better incentives for economic growth, and develop new approaches to public service provision and administration.

We understand the tradeoffs of competing tax and fee systems, and can weigh the effects of proposed reforms on firms, individuals, and overall economic efficiency, equity, and stability. Having worked with numerous clients, we’ve helped to clarify state and local budgets while providing policymakers with a stronger budgetary foundation for decisionmaking.

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