Featured Consultant Pozdena - edited - small Dr. Randall Pozdena

Randy specializes in quantitative economics, finance, and transportation economics.


Methods and Tools Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Patent & Intellectual Property Valuation


ECONorthwest provides expert valuation of economic harm from patent infringement and intellectual property loss.

Established case law contains the criteria by which courts identify and measure economic harm from patent infringement or other losses associated with intellectual property. These criteria differ depending on whether the patent holder has produced and sold the goods or services at issue, or licensed the patented technology to others. In the first case, economists measure economic harm as lost profits on foregone sales. In the second, we measure the foregone royalties on the manufacture and sale of patented goods or services by others.

ECONorthwest has expertise in conducting analyses of lost profits and foregone royalties on a wide variety of patented technologies. Our extensive experience includes:

  • Applying the four Panduit factors that guide analyses of lost profits
  • Assessing reasonable royalties by identifying the appropriate royalty base
  • Applying the 15 Georgia Pacific factors that guide the determination of a reasonable royalty rate

Our staff has presented analyses and opinions in written testimony and defended our work in deposition and trial testimonies.

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