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Sarah specializes in natural resource policy and economics.


Methods and Tools Non-Market Valuation

ECONorthwest has unparalleled expertise in quantifying the value associated with non-market goods and services.

Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation


We help our clients understand the potential economic risks and costs associated with climate change and plan for adaptation.

Climate change is widely regarded as one of the most pressing environmental, social, and economic issues we face today. To cope with the challenges ahead, businesses, governments, and individuals must understand how climate change will directly affect their operations, decisions, and lives. ECONorthwest brings over thirty years of experience helping clients adapt to changing economic and environmental situations. Addressing the impacts of climate change requires exactly this kind of problem-solving expertise.

Our economists and policy analysts have experience in a wide range of issues that are directly relevant to understanding both the impacts of climate change and developing solutions to mitigate the risks associated with global warming.

Climate Change-Related Water Quality and Water Supply Issues

Among many climate change impacts, scientists predict global warming will result in changes in snowfall and rainfall patterns, potentially increasing the frequency and intensity of water shortages and droughts in many locations. These changes will increase the competition over water supplies, and may exacerbate water quality issues, imposing widespread impacts on every sector of society.

Climate Change-Related Forest Issues and Carbon Sequestration

Forest resources present a significant opportunity to mitigate climate change. Forests sequester carbon, which means that forest owners can participate in carbon markets and earn income from standing trees. At the same time, the health of many forest resources is at greater risk due to climate change; as temperatures rise and water availability decreases, forests are increasingly vulnerable to insect infestations, diseases, and wildfires.

Climate Change and Alternative Energy

We evaluate many issues related to alternative and renewable energy, including the economic feasibility of new alternative energy projects, the potential effects of these energy projects on local jobs and incomes, and the effects of policies designed to promote renewable energy.

Climate Change and Sustainability

We have analyzed the economic dimensions of sustainable practices for many private and public clients, such as green building, waste reduction, recycling, and energy conservation. We also have expertise in analyzing sustainable solutions to transportation issues.

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