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John specializes in education, social and fiscal policy.


Methods and Tools Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Demonstrate Your Impact


What is our economic impact on the state, county, city? How much of a net benefit are we to the community?

If you build something, operate a business, or manage a government entity, your activity has economic impacts. You employ people and buy things from local businesses. This activity triggers more spending, jobs, sales, and tax revenues. But how much? We have the tools and training to tell you. Our economic and fiscal impact models count all the jobs in the economy touched by your project, and trace the precise income and tax revenues attributable to your project.

Do you require a more complete understanding of your project’s impact on the community? ECONorthwest can use cost benefit analysis to determine your project’s impacts and the distribution of those impacts on the community or region. Although benefit cost analysis can include economic impacts, it may also include fiscal impacts, environmental impacts, community impacts, and dynamic economic impacts. It answers the key question: how much better off is the local economy because of your project?

Real questions we have answered:

  • Our utility company sells natural gas and we need a plant that can store some of it in liquid form. That is expensive. We can reduce costs for our utility customers if we also make marine fuel from the plant. What would be the economic impact of this additional activity? What other impacts may accrue from providing a more environmentally-friendly marine fuel that would reduce air pollution and fuel spending?
  • Our university would like to inform its donors, prospective students, alumni, and other interested parties of the impact we have in the community. Can you measure our economic impact on the local and state economies with regards to student and visitor spending, and the school’s operations and construction purchases?

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