Featured Consultant Pozdena - edited - small Dr. Randall Pozdena

Randy specializes in quantitative economics, finance, and transportation economics.


Methods and Tools Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Harness the Power of Big Data


What do all these data mean for my organization? How can I use data to improve performance

Software and technological advances have given business and governments access to massive amounts of data. But data are useless, unless analyzed correctly with an eye to finding useful facts. That is where economists come into play. We have the programming skills to work with massive databases. And we have the advanced statistical and economic tools required to distill useful, understandable facts for clients.

Real questions we have answered:

  • Does our state’s small business assistance program actually work? We analyzed a massive database, augmented by an online survey, and found the state program indeed improved the survival rate of those firms it assisted.
  • What would happen if our state opened a casino? How much revenue would existing tribal casinos lose? We used a complex, proprietary model that matches over 9,000 combinations of casino destinations and communities to determine the precise monetary impact of a hypothetical state casino on existing tribal casinos.

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