Featured Consultant Batten 2 Carl Batten

Carl specializes in economic analysis and modeling.


Methods and Tools Econometric & Statistical Analysis & Modeling

ECONorthwest can construct or deconstruct any econometric and statistical model or analysis.

Shape Public Opinion


I am facing troublesome opposition in the public arena. Can you help me?

Both business and policy proposals can engender fierce public debate. Often, debate can become so inflamed that misinformation reigns. An economist can help. We use data and rigorous analytics to provide an independent review of the issue at hand. And we present our analysis in a clear, easy-to-understand way, tailored to your specific audience and needs, so you can identify and defend your position, and sway the opposition. 

Real questions we have answered:

  • We must complete an environmental impact statement for a large industrial project in a rural community. Some community members have complained that the project would cause housing shortages and negatively impact both schools and the overall quality of life. Can you apply real data on similar projects to our situation to demonstrate that their fears are unfounded?
  • We need help with our ballot measure. The opponents made extraordinary claims of the measure’s cost. Can you investigate and produce a sound economic white paper, fully cited, that demonstrates the actual cost of this ballot measure? Can you defend your findings to the media and the public at large?

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