Disability Benefits Calculator

ECONorthwest develops interactive, web-based tools that help people understand their eligibility for benefits programs.

Macroeconomic Forecasting & Modeling

ECONorthwest builds and operates local, regional, and national macroeconomic models.

Non-Market Valuation

ECONorthwest has unparalleled expertise in quantifying the value associated with non-market goods and services.

Demand Side Management (DSM) Program Auditing


ECONorthwest has an extensive history of evaluating and auditing Demand Side Management (DSM) Programs.

At ECONorthwest, we have an extensive history of evaluating and auditing Demand Side Management (DSM) Programs. Our analysis often includes:

  • Cross-checking savings calculation inputs with program verification reports
  • Evaluating statistical assumptions and sampling methodologies
  • Evaluating program assumptions against similar applications in other utility jurisdictions
  • Networking with implementation professionals with expertise in program design and engineering

We work closely with both utility managers and industry regulators, using their inputs on program specific details and information sources. This work arrangement leads to better understanding and efficient implementation of program recommendations. 

In addition to our experience auditing and evaluating entire portfolios of DSM programs, our staff provide expertise in many individual components of DSM evaluation such as free-ridership, realization rates, or net-to-gross ratios.


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