About Us

Established in 1974, ECONorthwest has over four decades of experience helping clients make sound decisions based on rigorous economic, planning and financial analysis. Our people, our experience, and our principles shape who we are.

With a staff of over 40 Economists, Planners, and Policy Analysts, ECONW provides professional consulting services and expert testimony and litigation support for a variety of clients worldwide.

We take pride in our work, keeping a set of core principles in view.

Our Core Principles

  • Teamwork. Our consultants work with you to leverage your own expertise. We can reinforce your team, build on your strengths, and extend your reach. 
  • Objectivity. Our analyses are data-driven, complete, and thorough. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make the best possible decision among all alternatives.
  • Intellectual Diversity. To ensure that we consider all the angles in our projects, we build specialized teams of consultants with diverse skills, opinions, and perspectives.  
  • Communication. We know that a sound analysis is only valuable when it is communicated well. Our work includes conveying complex information to both our clients, and their stakeholders, in a clear and compelling way. 
  • Value. We understand that your resources are limited. By being efficient, focused, and disciplined, we provide maximum value while minimizing your time and expense.
  • Service. Our consultants know that personal and timely interactions with our clients leads to better problem solving. Expect our full attention.
  • Excellence. We understand that everyone's reputation is always on the line. Just like you, credibility and trust are our most valuable resources. 
  • Fun. We enjoy what we do, we enjoy our clients, and we believe you'll enjoy working with us.
About Our Name

ech·o (ĕkō) +
northwest (nôrth-wĕst')

n. Founded in 1974 as Economic Consultants of Oregon (ECO), the largest economic consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest.


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